Ski Zenit is an exclusive Ski School based in Saas-Fee that provides a state-of-the-art service in a wide range of ski resorts.

The concept of Ski Zenit has evolved from years of experience in different Ski Schools throughout the world.

Ski Zenit is formed by a group of experienced ski professionals that are always seeking the highest standard in the quality of their services.

Our mission is to provide top quality ski teaching, guiding and training to ensure that our guests enjoy, perform and grow as skiers while minimizing risks. That is the reason why we establish a trusting relationship for many years with our customers.

Our philosophy is based on enjoying all facets of skiing: athletic, environmental and personal. That is why we do not believe in “standard” ski school methods where it is the skier who must adapt. We apply different coaching methods depending on the skier’s profile.

We operate mainly in Saas-Fee and the Valais Region of Switzerland which has 2,800 km of ski slopes. On demand we can work in different ski resorts around the world.