Saas-Fee freeriding Russian style!

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 by

After a fair amount of organizing and deciding about the perfect day to ski with us, Sacha finally got his extreme freeride day with Ski Zenit. We got some fresh tracks, powder in the trees, lost skies, cliff drop crashes, narrow couloirs we had to get down… everything that we had hoped to find we

Freeriding in Saas-Fee and Grimentz

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 by

Hope you like this short video. Ski Zenit and the Thygesen family skied one afternoon in Saas-Fee and a whole day in Grimentz, Val d’Anniviers, finding some of the best snow of this season. The Ski Safari is one of our star products. Since we have the flexibility and the knowledge, we will do all

Getting ready for the next storm!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 by

As wee see the weather coming in, we’re getting ready for the next deep powder day. Here you have a short video made by Taylormadefilmz of our friends skiing with ski Zenit’s ski instructor Laurence Young, enjoying the great freeride conditions in the back of Saas-Fee. Hope you like the video! For more information about

Just stumbled with this video of Candide Thovex through the internet. Candide Thovex is one of Ski Zenit’s favorite skiers, at least mine and I’m writing on Zenit’s behalf. Hope you enjoy this great edit.   If you want to lear to ski like this… I think you have to be born with a really

Los Máquinas are back in town!

Monday, 12 January 2015 by

In this short film we can see the Vidal family enjoying their new years ski holiday in Grimentz and Zinal, in the Val d’Anniviers. The kids are getting ready for the upcoming races getting the most out of our all rounded ski racing training program. In ski Zenit Ski school, we are big defenders of an

As deep as powder gets!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 by

Every year we are mind blown by the amazing powder footage we see from Japan. This is a really nice video that is flying around the internet from Luke Tanaka skiing some o the deepest powder out there. Enjoy the short movie! If you are interested in finding deep powder in the Valais region, Ski

The Swiss Alps offer some of the most spectacular heli skiing descents, averaging close to 2.000 vertical meters per descent. Charming traditional villages, delicious food and wine are part of the unique experience of heli skiing in Switzerland. This is a nice short video heli skiing some incredibly good quality snow in Zermatt, January 2014.

Skiing the backside of Saas-Fee

Saturday, 06 December 2014 by

Short video of one of the nicest ski runs in this area! In this video we see Stefano Carlin (on telemark skis) and Laurence Young (alpine skiing), instructor and guides at Ski Zenit ski school in Saas-Fee, enjoying one of the nicer lines the backside of Saas-Fee has to offer. The run finishes in Saas-Almagell,

Don’t forget to bring a snorkel!

Sunday, 23 November 2014 by

Get the snorkels out for this upcoming winter. With the huge snowfalls we are receiving in Saas-Fee, Zermatt, and in general in the southern part of Switzerland, it won’t be long until we are all enjoying ourselves, like the DPS crew in this video in Mt Baker. Hope you like the movie, powder season is

A million miles per hour!

Thursday, 20 November 2014 by

Heitz just released a video profile and if one thing is for sure after watching, the 25-year-old has one speed, a million miles per hour. Enjoy these two-and-a-half minutes of pure action.