Belle demi-journée de ski à Saas-Fee

lundi, 15 février 2016 by

Belle demi-journée de ski à Saas-Fee, fin Janvier, avec ce bon skieur Suisse, amateur de poudreuse ! La neige était bien présente mais le vent avait balayé cette poudreuse qui nous fait tant rêver…! Pas de problème, on s’adapte en travaillant sur piste et sur les itinéraires jaunes la technique hors-piste, en prévision des jours

Ruddy à Saas-Fee

mercredi, 03 février 2016 by

Quel plaisir de redonner des cours de ski à une personne qui a appris à skier avec nous quelques années auparavant ! Deux après-midi de ski, on permis à cet amoureux du ski, d’améliorer sa technique de ski en parallèle pour pouvoir enfin accéder aux pistes rouges ! Hé hop flexion, extension, sur les belles

Los Máquinas are back in town!

lundi, 12 janvier 2015 by

In this short film we can see the Vidal family enjoying their new years ski holiday in Grimentz and Zinal, in the Val d’Anniviers. The kids are getting ready for the upcoming races getting the most out of our all rounded ski racing training program. In ski Zenit Ski school, we are big defenders of an

Skiing the backside of Saas-Fee

samedi, 06 décembre 2014 by

Short video of one of the nicest ski runs in this area! In this video we see Stefano Carlin (on telemark skis) and Laurence Young (alpine skiing), instructor and guides at Ski Zenit ski school in Saas-Fee, enjoying one of the nicer lines the backside of Saas-Fee has to offer. The run finishes in Saas-Almagell,

Saas-Fee’s steepest lines!

lundi, 17 novembre 2014 by

In this video we see Xavier de la Rue riding some of the steepest lines in the Saas-Fee area. Ski Zenit’s instructors have had the chance to ski a fair amount of the Saas-Fee lines we see in this video (One way, north face of the Allalin, north face of the Stralhorn…), and are hoping

Get the most out of your ski holiday.

vendredi, 14 novembre 2014 by

Nothing makes us happier than helping you get the most out of your skiing holiday.  Ski safari is the best way to get to know different ski resorts during your stay in the Alps. This mountain range is full of different and incredible ski resorts, from world known to small hidden treasures… and the development is

Laurence Young has been collaborating with us for two years and now he is an official part of the Ski Zenit Ski School family. Here is a short edit of Laurence Young skiing with us in Saas-Fee last winter. Great lines, great powder, great company… What else could you want? Enjoy the video.  

Saas-Fee grand opening!

jeudi, 06 novembre 2014 by

Life is good! Saas-Fee will be open all the way to Morenia on saturday 08/11/2014. This means that there is 1.100m of vertical distance to ski with incredibly good winter snow conditions. After the huge snowfall we have just received, conditions are as good as they get in Saas-Fee. Excited about the promising winter that

This is a short video from last winter, filmed in the Val d’Anniviers, Saas-Fee and Crans Montana. Most of the shots are from March. Good snow and good buddies to ride with. Enjoy my friends.  

Chilean Powder!

mercredi, 22 octobre 2014 by

A few (professional and home made) ChileanPowder videos from this season. The DPS crew found some good Pow in Valle Nevado.   Marcus, guest of Ski Zenit, enjoying some fresh snow in Nevados de Chillán.   Felipe Hermosilla, local from Ls Trancas, dropping a good size cornise, skiing Pirigallo in Nevados de Chillán.