Ski Performance

If your focus is more towards performance through technical progression, Ski Zenit will help guide you to the next level. You will be able to improve your carving and all-terrain skills whilst getting some serious mileage under your skis. Fulfilling the clients potential is our goal.
Video analysis is one of the many advantages of our Ski School. Take advantage of this facility to improve during your stay and share your own custom made movie edit with friends and family.


General Terms and Conditions


CHF 495

  • Flexible schedule
  • Personalized ski coaching
  • Mobility at different ski resorts
  • Video analysis and final edit


CHF 295

  • 09:30 to 12:30
  • Personalized ski coaching
  • Saas-Fee
  • Final video edit


CHF 270

  • 13:00 to 16:00
  • Personalized ski coaching
  • Saas-Fee
  • Final video edit


  • Skiers of all ages.
  • Beginners that want to learn to ski properly from the beginning.
  • Intermediate skiers that want to jump into the next level of performance.
  • Intermediate skiers that haven’t progressed further attending regular ski schools. Give it a try with us!
  • Advanced skiers searching to enhance overall technique in a variety of terrain.


  • Create more understanding on what you can achieve with your skis.
  • Learn how to carve turns, ski on bumps, ski short turns on steep slopes and find an overall versatility.
  • Get a solid technical base that you will hold on to for life.
  • Have lots of fun.


  • Summer – On Saas-Fee Glacier from opening day.
  • Winter – Anytime, anywhere.
  • Blended in with other skiing disciplines we offer.


  • Ski Zenit creates lessons focused on the individual.
  • Totally adaptable methods according to personal goals, condition and level.
  • Fun and enriching experiences every moment of the day.
  • We will create a perfect balance throughout the day of all-mountain enjoyment, ski resort discovery, sightseeing, activities, restaurants and après skiing.
  • Totally flexible schedules in accordance to the clients requirements.
  • Video analysis for improved feedback.
  • Equipment assessment and evaluation.