Ski Zenit only offers private ski school services.

This enables us to design fully adapted skiing programs that will exceed your expectations, taking care of all aspects and details during each day. Our team are trained in several ski disciplines and we encourage you to combine different elements during the same week.
Video analysis is one of the many advantages of our Ski School. Take advantage of this facility to improve during your stay and share your own custom made movie edit with friends and family.

Share your skiing goals with us... We would love to hear from you!


General Terms and Conditions


Variable prices during the Winter Season


Ski Performance


If your focus is more towards performance through technical progression, Ski Zenit will help guide you to the next level. You will be able to improve your carving and all-terrain skills whilst getting some serious mileage under your skis. Fulfilling the clients potential is our goal.

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Freeride & Heli-skiing

Discover the best snow the ski resort has to offer within breathtaking environments. From skiing fresh snow within the trees to broad virgin slopes… The options are endless.
Heli-skiing and ski touring accompanied by professional mountain guides are also a great experience.

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Ski Safari

Why stay in just one ski resort? Find out what the neighboring valleys have to offer.
Switzerland has some of the most diverse mountain ranges in the world accessible with a fast public transportation system.
We will make all the arrangements and guide you through the best ski resorts the Swiss Alps have to offer.

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Ski Racing

This is one of our specialities. Our race training is intended for both ski racers with a more professional approach and all round skiers searching to have more fun on the skis.
We coach racers of all ages and all nationalities with fully personalized training programs and total engagement to their individual goals. Closed training runs, GS and SL courses and very experienced race coaches at your disposal.

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Improve your park skills. It doesn't matter if you are starting out in freestyle or if you are already at an advanced level. We will guide you safely through all the steps of freestyle training.
If you are into jumping or jibbing Ski Zenit will focus on your overall fluidity and help you find your style.

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Free your heel, free your mind!
If you have never tried telemarking, you have waited too long. From the basics to a higher level we can guide you towards finding fluidity of movement within your technique. Telemarking will complement your skiing skills and it might even become your new favorite sport.

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