When planning a trip to Saas-Fee, the number of different transport options can feel a bit overwhelming.

There are 6 airports in the vicinity all offering good connections to the resort, there are great train connections and you can also consider coach travel or driving to Saas-Fee…. Luckily for you we have put together our top tips for travelling to Saas-Fee, which will help ensure your planning goes smoothly!

Read on a find out what the best options are for visiting us at one of Europe’s best ski resorts.

Finding airport parking

Something that most of us forget about when we choose to fly is how we are going to get to the airport.

For ski trips driving to the airport and parking, there is the most popular choice, especially when you are carrying ski equipment. Unfortunately, parking at the airport can be expensive if you do not book in advance. Luckily there are a couple of simple solutions to expensive airport parking. Firstly, you need to make sure that you book as far in advance as you can, ideally when you book your flights.

Secondly, you should use a comparison website to book your airport parking. Parkhero is a great example for UK travelers. Say you want parking for Manchester Airport, you simply choose the airport and enter your travel dates in the comparison tool and in seconds you are taken to a page with all the available services. They are arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive and with the helpful icons you can see in a quick glance what each car park offers.

Once you have found the best option for your trip, hit ‘Book now’ and you will make your way through the payment process in less than 5 minutes. Simple and easy to save time and money!

If you want to find a similar website for your country, simply enter ‘compare…airport parking’ into a search engine.

Flying to Saas-Fee

Flying to Saas-Fee is the most popular choice for most visitors to the resort and there are a number of options to consider.
As the resort is located in the south of Switzerland, near the Italian border, you can choose from Sion, Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Basel, and Milan airports. Each has its own advantages, but Sion and Geneva offer some of the most convenient connections to Saas-Fee. You can take either a private or shared transfer or the train from each of these airports to the resort.

Sion Airport is the closest airport to Saas-Fee at just 1 hour 20 minutes by car and 2 hours 30 minutes by train. Despite its closeness, Sion is not a popular choice with visitors to the area due to its small size and consequently limited number of flights available. If you can find a convenient flight to this airport, definitely go for it, otherwise consider Geneva.

Geneva Airport is one of the most popular airports for ski holidays in the French and Swiss Alps as it is within easy transfer distance to a host of different resorts and is well-connected both in terms of flights and transfer options. From Geneva to Saas-Fee it is around 2 hours 30 minutes by road and 3 hours 40 minutes by train.
Geneva is a major international airport offering flights all over Europe and beyond, with there being multiple flights to major destinations a day. Flights to Geneva can also be found relatively cheaply, especially if you manage to book in advance. Geneva is able to offer a good balance between cost, transfer time, and flight availability.

You can also consider the following:

Zurich – 3 hours 20 minutes by car and rail
Bern – 2 hours 25 minutes by car and around 2 hours 35 by rail
Basel – 3 hours 10 minutes by car and around 3 hours by train
Milan – 2 hours 45 minutes by bus from the city center

To get from the airport to Saas-Fee you can either take a private or shared transfer or the train. Private transfers are the most expensive option but offer the most convenience. You get a vehicle dedicated to you with plenty of space and a knowledgeable driver who will take you directly to the car park outside Saas-Fee (no cars are allowed in the village).

Shared transfers are a bit more reasonably priced and are a good compromise if you don’t want to pay for a private transfer but do want to get to the resort quickly.

You can also take a train from all of the Swiss airports to Visp, the nearest station to Saas-Fee. From here you can take a private or shared transfer which takes around 30 minutes or catch the Postbus which leaves every 30 minutes and takes a bit longer.
The train will cost a minimum of around CHF 20 with prices rising to around CHF 100 for first-class and for last-minute purchases.

Taking the train to Saas-Fee

If you are looking for a more relaxed journey and want to reduce your environmental impact, you can consider taking the train to Saas-Fee. It is not possible to go all the way to the resort but the nearest station at Visp is only 27 km away.

From the UK, you can take the Eurostar to Paris, change to a train to Lausanne or Basel and then to a regional train to Visp. From London it is an 11-hour journey. From Visp you will need to arrange a private or shared transfer or catch the regular Postbus which leaves every 30 minutes.
Taking the train is a wonderful experience. You can sit back and enjoy the views, take 2 large bags with your ticket and enjoy food in the restaurant carriage. It is a much less stressful experience than flying, but is quite a bit more expensive.

Taking a coach to Saas-Fee

You can also consider taking a long-distance coach to Saas-Fee, at least part of the way, if you are looking for a budget travel option. With the growth of European coach networks in recent years, it is easy to connect to major cities, such as Geneva, Bern, Basel and Zurich.

From these cities you will then need to take the train to Visp or find a local coach company with routes to Visp or nearby.

Tickets can be found extremely cheaply, especially if you keep an eye on the sales. However, keep in mind that travelling by coach can take a lot longer than the other travel options and is not as comfortable. Make sure to pack enough snacks, warm clothing, a pillow and things to keep you entertained during your trip.

Driving to Saas-Fee

As Saas-Fee does not permit cars in the village, it is not recommended to drive to this resort. You will need to park in the car park outside the village which costs CHF16.50 for the first day, and then CHF12.50 for each day after that.

However, if you want flexibility in your journey, then driving remains the best option as you can choose to stop at other destinations along the way. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for tolls if using French motorways and that you will need to purchase a vignette for driving in Switzerland. While the roads up to Saas-Fee are well-maintained and regularly cleared of snow, it is recommended that your car is fitted with winter tyres and snow chains. The weather at the height of the resort can be unpredictable.

We hope our advice helps you to plan your trip to Saas-Fee and are looking forward to meeting you when you arrive! Make sure to check out our website further to find out about the lessons we offer and take a look at our blog for further inspiration and tips.

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